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"The main objective of the Startup School is to support entrepreneurs to start, manage & grow business"

Whether you are just beginning your journey or looking to grow, Startup School provides the tools to build a successful business. We know that starting a business and trying to change the world for the better is not easy; our goal is to help you maximize your chance of success as an entrepreneur. The programs at Startup School have been developed through the experience and expertise of real life entrepreneurs. The programs can be combined to create a comprehensive startup experience from ideation stage to first sales; they are designed to foster your ability to develop innovative ideas and products that will change the world. Startup School enables participants to see the world as entrepreneurs do, while providing the knowledge and skills they need to act on their insights and add value to society. Under the banner of Startup School we provide a growing suite of academic, extracurricular, networking and connect participants to accomplished alumni, industry experts, entrepreneurs and business executives. Our mission is to create a culture of entrepreneurship throughout the Entrepreneur community and to ensure that every participant has the opportunity to explore and experience what is means to be an entrepreneur.

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Chandrakant Salunkhe
Chandrakant Salunkhe
Hemant Salunkhe
Hemant Salunkhe
Rohit Salunkhe
Rohit Salunkhe

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